Making the most of your bathroom storage

When small bathrooms are poorly designed they can feel dingy, cramped and uncomfortable – not relaxing, inviting and fresh, as a bathroom should be. Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t have to mean not using it to its full potential.

Follow these tips to maximise storage, utilize space and make the most of your bathroom again.

Choose Smart Storage;

Choose storage that can be hidden or that doesn’t take away from the space you already use.

In every room in your house there is ample space that is simply ignored, whilst valuable space that can be used in innovative ways is wasted on items such as storage bins, shelving units and cupboards.

One of the best ways to maximise the space in your apartment is to utilise the space that is forgotten and unused. For example make the most of the back of doors by adding simple hooks for towels and bath robes, place cabinets and vanity units underneath permanent structures such as toilets, baths and sinks and if you have a mirror in your bathroom swap it for a shallow mirrored cabinet to store your things.

Reclaim your Unused Space;

Make the most of your wall space – floor space is valuable and in short supply but most people ignore or forget the ample space our walls offer. Instead of placing bulky wash baskets and rubbish bins on the floor think of ways you could attach them to the wall – freeing up precious wall space whilst still having essentials to hand.

bath 1

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Install a shelf above the bathroom door to store spare towels, toilet paper and extra cosmetics. They will be out of sight, out of reach from your children and not take away from any other spaces. Think of additional shelving on the walls too – they can be used instead of a deeper wall hung cabinet or floor standing cabinet.

Be creative in your ideas and choose storage options unique to you;

Keeping track of beauty utensils such as hair grips, tweezers, nail clippers and safety pins can be a nightmare – a simple solution is to place a magnetic strip on the wall where the items are safely secured right where you need them.

If you use hair styling products in your bathroom strap them to the inside of your cupboard or cabinet using PVC piping, old box files or Velcro straps. Attach old jam jars to the wall, or a piece of board attached to wall, and use to store bathroom essentials such as cotton buds, toothbrushes and make up brushes.

Most importantly, create your bathroom around you – only you know how much storage you need.

Author Bio: Robyn Edwards currently writes for Bathroom Heaven, an online Bathroom supplies company based in London. Explore Bathroom Heaven’s full collection of bathroom supplies.


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